The Renewable Energies Development Center (CDER) is a research center resulting from the restructuring of the High Commissioner for Research, established on 22 March 1988.

It is a scientific and technological public institution (EPST) responsible of conducting research and development programs, scientific and technological, of energetic systems using solar, geothermal and biomass energy.

The CDER as a scientific center, actively participates in the national program for research and technological development, as defined by law and policy program at five-year projection on scientific research and technological development.

The national programs selected on this program are focused on economic and social priorities in order to meet the strategical needs for the economical development.

The CDER, since its creation,works on the application of this strategy through the deployment and integration of several projects and pilot projects at national level.

The CDER with its research teams and its three research units :

In addition of its commercial subsidiary ER2, which is present all over the country as an excellence center on renewable energies through its scientific productions and its innovations in social-economical sector for the population especially the remote ones.