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Permanent researchers

  • Majda Amina AZIZA (Director of Research) (Head of the division) Dalia Cerbah (Secretary) Fella-Nawel ALLOUCHE (Master of Research A) Meryem SABER (Master of Research A) Amine AKBI (Master of Research A) Sabah ABADA (Master of Research A) Ourdia BOUZID (Master of Research A) (...)
  • Ouahiba GUERRI (Research Director) (Head of the division) Saïd DIAF (Director of Research) Abdelhamid KAABECHE (Research Director) Sidi Mohammed BOUDIA (Research Director) Samir BELARBI (Master of Research A) Houdayfa OUNIS (Master of Research (...)
  • Djohra SAHEB-KOUSSA (Research Director) (Head of division) Linda HASSAINE (Research Director) El Amin KOUADRI BOUDJELTHIA (Master of Research A) N. Eddine BELHAOUAS (Master of Research B) Houria HAMOUCHE (Master of Research B) Farida BANDOU (Master of Research B) (...)
  • Abdelhamid M’RAOUI (Master of Research B) (Head of the division) Rafika BOUDRIES (Research Director) Fethia AMROUCHE (Master of Research A) Sabah MENIA (Master of Research B) Ilyes NOUICER (Master of Research B) Nourdine KABOUCHE (Research (...)
  • Khaled IMESSAD (Master of Research A) (Chief of the division) Amor BOUHDJAR (Research Director) Abderhman HAMIDAT (Research Director) Mustapha KOUSSA (Master of Research A) Razika KHARCHI (Master of Research A) Salahedine BENSALEM (Master of Research (...)