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Achievments between 1987 and 2000

  • Title Wind energy water pumping Abstract This study is about the use of wind energy for water pumping in specific sites in areas of development localised in the highlands and in El Oued, El Golea and In Amenas. The average of supplied water by different low power wind turbines are estimated (...)
  • Title Wind turbines performance assessment Abstract Applying aerodynimic theories on the development of calculation programs for an optimal conception of wind turbines rotors Variation of teh coefficient of power of a 03 blades small wind turbine based on a profile NACA 4412 Variation (...)
  • Title Evaluation of the aerodynamic features of wing profiles Abstract A method so called global is applied to determine the pression spreading around the wing profiles. The aerodynamic features of the wing profiles are then evaluated from these results. The used approach, called the global (...)
  • Title Piston pump Abstract A calculation program has been performed and used for the dimensionning of the pump and the calculation of the outputs. A technical file of study and manufacturing has been made and allowed the subcontracting manufacturing of pieces. Teh pump has been tested on a (...)
  • Title Digital tachometer Abstract THis device was meant to measure the rotation speed of the wind turbines Printed circuits of the digital tachometer Printed circuits of the digital tachometer Printed circuits for the display corrsponding to the digital (...)
  • Title Digital Wattheuremeter Abstract THis device was meant to measure the supplied energy from wind turbines Printed circuits for the display corresponding to the digital Wattheuremeter Printed cicuits of the digital (...)
  • Title Digital frenquency meter Abstract THis device is made to emasure the output frenquency of the wind turbines Printed circuits for the display and the counting-decoding of the frequency meter Printed circuits of the digital frequency (...)
  • Title Slow pumping wind turbines with an horizontal axis Abstract A wind turbine for water pumping with horizontal axis was conceived and realized to work on wells of shallow depths (until 20 m). The wind turbine pulls a piston pump with simple effect with caul immersed in the water via a (...)
  • Title Savonius pumping wind turbine Abstract Savonius water pumping wind turbine has been conceived to operate in wells of 10 m of depth Savonius wind turbine in experimentation at the site of Bou Smail The main elements of the Savonius wind (...)
  • Title Cycles counter with memory Abstract This cycle counter with memory is made for eriodical counting of the number of rotation cycle of wind turbines with measurments in memory. Cycle counter with memory
  • Title aegh3000 wind generator Abstract A wind generator of 400 w has been conceived and realised profile "clark-y". Two different sents of blades were realised at the CDER, one of beech the other of polyester, in collaboration with the ECOREP. A complete technical file has been prepared for (...)