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Achievments between 2001 and 2005

  • Title Algeol Abstract It concerns an interface that summarizes all the acheived works for characterising sites before 2006 Graphical interface of Algeol (Home page) Graphical interface of Algeol (Feasibility study)
  • This project is part of the Algerian-Spanish Cooperation. It is a photovoltaic (PV) system with a generator which provides electricity to the grid. Thus, the system consists of the PV generator and inverters that convert direct current produced into alternating current, this latter is injected (...)
  • Title Bubble column photobioreactor Abstract Biofuels produced from microalgaes is an intersting alternative to produce clean energy. In this focus, a bubble column photobioreactor has been conceived and studied in the conetxt of photosynthetic microorganisms growth in the aim to come out (...)
  • Title Algerian wind Atlas at micro-scale Abstract It understands wind maps at small scale in regions characterized with a micro climate. These last ones have been abtained with the software AIOLOS and are based on the interpolation of satellite data using orographical data of the sites. (...)
  • Title Test bench of solar photovoltaic pumping water equipment Abstract This acheivment is about a test bench for PV water pumping equipments that we settled at the CDER. This project is the result of a collaboration between the CDER and the renewable energy department of the CIEMAT and the (...)
  • Title Biogas production from cattle droppings Abstract This experimental work aims to master biogas production, in a little more important scale than in laboratory. The device has been realsied at the CDER Bouzareah, in 2001. It was then moved to Ghardaia in order to be used in the valuation (...)