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Achievments between 2006 and 2010

  • Title Realisation of an autonomous plant for radiometric measurments (Late 2010) Abstract This installation provides a three plans parameters of global shining (Horizontal, inclined for latitude and monthly optimal) and the environmental temperature. Realisation of programs with a graphical (...)
  • Title Solar acoholic fermenter Abstract The prototype is a 50 litters fermenter equipped with a manual agitatorand connected to a system of solar heating, the temperature inside the fermenter is controled with a thermostat. Picture of the solar (...)
  • Title Identification of sites Abstract Realisation of regional card for power speed and density using the WASP software using : Wind speed and direction data of the ONM Topography and roughness data Identifying the zone of (...)
  • Title Isolation of a autochthonous algal strain (Chlorella sp.) Abstract The growth of microalgaes in photobioreactors is the limiting factor for the development of biotechnologies for cultivation particularly at an industrial scale. For that purpose, it is essential to well know the (...)
  • Title Solar digester Abstract It is abour a 200 liters digester devoted for the production of biogas from organic wastes. This digester is heaten with a solar sensor of 0.36 m² Picture of the solar digester
  • Title Solar photocatalytic reactor Abstract Photocatalysis is an oxydation process that provides the obtention of a total mineralisation of aqueous effluents by degrading them to the surface of a semi-conductor in presence of an irradiance source. This technique using solar energy, seems to (...)
  • Title Solar hydrogen production Atlas in Algeria Abstract In the present work, the produced energy by the surface unit of PV panels has been estimated considering the above parameters in different sites avor the country. The results point out the most appropriate sites for the exploitation of (...)
  • Title Buried digester Abstract It concerns a system for biogas and fertilizer production from organic wastes. It is composed with a 4m3 buried curve equipped with a manual agitation system, with a system for biogas storage (gazometer) and a sludge bed. Picture of the biogas production (...)
  • Title [Outer loop air-lift photobioreactor Abstract The development of techniques for biofuels production from photosynthetic micro-organisms respond to current environment requirements with a mionimum of greenhouse gases emission. With the progress in this type of energy, it seems to be (...)
  • Title Semi pilot device for bioalcohol production Abstract The semi pilot device for bioalcohol production has been performed from the extrapolation of the laboratory device to confirm results obtained at the laboratory at semi pilot scale and thus to optimize the different parameters (...)
  • Title Study and experimentation of a trapezoidal double-basined distiller Abstract It is a prototype of a trapezoidal solar distiller, compact, equiped with an upper reservoir with steps, that communicates with the lower bassin through an back isolated vertical caisson and convered with three (...)
  • Title Algeria wind Atlas Abstract Algeria wind Atlas compounds maps of wind speeds, year and season averages, drawns for different altiudes abtained from the ONM’s data, as well the of the average of recoverable power density map. Algeria wind map at 10 m of height The average of (...)
  • Title Indirect solar dryer of natural convection equipped with baffles Abstract The realized prototype is a device for food drying (Fruits and vegetables) using solar energy. It is composed of an air planar sensor equipped with baffles and a drying chamber. The baffles use to increase the (...)