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Team: Aerodynamic

Missions: The main mission of this team is to conduct Scientific Re­search and Technological Develop­ment activities on wind turbines aerodynamic with focus to wind turbines operating in local environment. The following topics are carried out: fluid structure interaction of wind turbine blades, wind turbine wake, aero acoustic and flow control.

Team leader(*):
Hafida Daaou (AR)


Dr Ouahiba Guerri (DR), Ahmed Bekhti (AR), Ali Boudis (AR), Fatih Bourekba (AR), Dawoud Hamane (AR), Mohamed Maizi (AR), Madjid Tata (AR)

  • Abstract: The main goal of this project is the adaptation of small wind turbine blades to local environment (arid areas). The influence of blade geometry on the aerodynamic performance of wind turbines, fluid structure interaction and noise disturbance and on the wake (near and far wake) is (...)