Team: Solar Concentration (SC)

Missions: Development of conversion equipment of solar energy into heat energy, mechanical and electrical. Study and development of thermodynamic solar power plants such as solar tower power plants, parabolic trough power plants and linear Fresnel power plants.
Development of autonomous systems and modular solar concentration such as solar parabolic dish stirling heat engine, solar cookers.
Design and realization of assistive devices for the characterization of solar reflectors.

Team leader(*):


MAHFOUD Omar (AR), MAMMAR Mohamed (AR), LAISSAOUI Mohammed (AR), LECHEHEB Sabrina (AR), TAKILATE Abdellatif (AR), DEBBACHE Mohammed(AR), BOUHALLASSA Amar (AR), KAROUA Housseyn (AR), HAZMOUNE Messaoud (AR)

  • Abstract: Solar energy is the energy provided from the sun directly or diffusely through the atmosphere. Using a various processes, solar energy can be transformed into another useful form of energy for human activities including heat or electricity. Regarding the inaccessibility of the numerical tools  (...)
  • Abstract: The concentrating solar collectors are mainly consisted of three parts, the tracking system, parabolic reflectors (mirrors-receiver tube), and metal support structure. The single axis tracking system is the most used in the focal line collectors such as the parabolic trough, and (...)