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Team: Low Temperature Solar System (LTSS)

Missions: The main missions of the LTSS team are the design, implementation and testing of devices and energy systems using solar energy. Conceive help tools and devices to characterization, homologation and certification of solar collectors and solar water heaters.

Team leader(*):
KOUSSA Mustapha (MRA)


BAHRIA Sofiane (AR), BENOUDA Noureddine (CR), BOUHDJAR Amor (DR), BOULEMTAFES Amel (AR), EL-MOKRETAR Sofiane (AR), HAKEM Sid-Ali (AR), LARBI-YOUCEF Samir (AR), MECHERI SAMI Sabrina (AR), SAHNOUNE Fatiha (CR), SEMAI Hakim (AR).

  • Abstract: Given the price of energy, the drying is also very expensive. Reduce those costs necessary to consider more energy-efficient solutions and developing efficient solar drying systems by implementing simple techniques. The use of absorbent surfaces (selective or anti-radiating) (...)