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Team: Integration of PV Systems to the Grid


  • Lead studies and research works to develop autonomous PV systems and/or connected to the grid,
  • Conception, study and realization of varied PV systems (Autonomous and/or connected to the grid) for various applications (water pumping, street lightening, home electricity, etc.),
  • Modeling, simulation and experimentation of modules and PV generators.
  • Implementation of bech tests for equipments in systems and PV applications (modules, pumping, etc.).
  • Develop softwares for the sizing and the monitoring of autonomous PV installations and/or connected to the network.
  • Monitoring of different PV applications.

Team leader(*):
Bouchakour Salim (MRB)


Bouchakour salim (MRB), HADJ ARAB Amar (DR), RAZAGUI Abdelhak (MRA), Semaoui smail (MRA), Makhloufi saida (MRB), Bendaas Ismail (MRB), El Goul Islam Nasreddine (MRB), Aouchiche nedjma (MRB), BOUACHA Saida (MRB)*, Nemsi salima (AR), ABDELADIM Kamel (CE), BOULAHCHICHE Saliha (Ing), Taghezouite bilal ( Ing), Seddara mohamed (TS)

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