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Scientific Contributions

  • List updated 23/06/2016 Khelifa, A., Touafek, K., Ben Moussa, H., Tabet, I. Modeling and detailed study of hybrid photovoltaic thermal (PV/T) solar collector (2016) Solar Energy, 135, pp. 169-176. DOI: 10.1016/j.solener.2016.05.048 DOCUMENT TYPE: Article **** Nacer, T., Hamidat, A., (...)
  • Updated the 30/01/2016 1. Akbi, A., Yassaa, N., Boudjema, R. & Aliouat, B. A new method for cost of renewable energy production in Algeria: Integrate all benefits drawn from fossil fuel savings. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 56, 1150–1157 (2016). 2. Bendjebbas, H., (...)
  • Export to format BibTeX Updated the 30/01/2016 Abdelmalek, S., Barazane, L., Larabi, A. Unknown input observer for a doubly fed induction generator subject to disturbances (2015) International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems, 6 (4), pp. 781-787. Industrial and Electrical (...)
  • Hereafter the list of sceintific contributions of CDER indexed in the year 2014. Further details are available on Report on the performance of research and innovation in CDER in 2014 Export to format BibTeX Lise mise à jour le 30/01/2016 1. Abbad, B. & Lounis, A. Removal of (...)
  • Export to format BibTeX Liste mise à jour le 30/01/2016 1. Abbas, M., Belgroun, Z., Aburidah, H. & Merzouk, N. K. Assessment of a solar parabolic trough power plant for electricity generation under Mediterranean and arid climate conditions in Algeria. in Energy Procedia 42, 93–102 (...)
  • Export to format BibTeX 1. Abbas, M. & Merzouk, N. K. Techno economic study of solar thermal power plants for centralized electricity generation in Algeria. in 2nd International Symposium on Environment Friendly Energies and Applications, EFEA 2012 179–183 (2012). (...)
  • Export to format BibTeX 1. Abbas, M., Boumeddane, B., Said, N. & Chikouche, A. Dish Stirling technology: A 100 MW solar power plant using hydrogen for Algeria. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 36, 4305–4314 (2011). 2. Abdelkrim, T., Benamrane, K., Berkouk, E. M. & (...)
  • Exporter au format BibTeX 1. Abdeladim, K. & Chader, S. Guest editorial. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 34, 4917 (2009). 2. Abdeladim, K., Romeo, R. & Magrì, S. Wind mapping of a region in the north-east of Algeria. Renewable Energy 9, 789–793 (1996). 3. Abdelkrim, T., (...)