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Since the construction project of the Heliodyne between 1952 and 1954, an entity located at Bouzareah in the heights of Algiers, currently the « Renewable Energies Development Center », insure till now carrying scientific activities in renewable energies field. However, this entity was subject to many changes in status and in trusteeship. In summary, it followed the evolution here after :

1959-1962: The Solar Energy Institute of the University of Algiers (IESUA)

1962-1972: Solar Energy Institute (IES).

1972-1981: Solar Energy Station (SES).

1981-1982: New Energies Research Center (CRENO).

1982-1988: Solar Equipment Test Station (SEES).

1988: Creation of the Renewable Energies Development Center (CDER). It is under the trusteeship of the High Comission for Research.

1988: Affiliation of the Solar Equipment Development Unit (UDES), situated in Tipaza, to the CDER.

2002: Creation of the Applied Research for Renewable Energies Unit in Ghardaia, affiliated to the CDER.

2003: the CDER become a Scientific and Technological Public Establishment (EPST) of intersoctorial mission. It is placed under the trusteeship of teh Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The main affice of the EPST CDER is in Bouzareah – Algiers.

2004: Creation of the Research Unit for Renewable Energies in Saharan region (URERMS) in Adrar, attached to the CDER.

2007: Creation of a commercial subsidiary Study and Realizations en Renewable Energies (ER2), attached to the CDER.