• The Renewable Energies Development Center (CDER) is a research center resulting from the restructuring of the High Commissioner for Research, established on 22 March 1988. It is a scientific and technological public institution (EPST) responsible of conducting research and development (...)
  • The various technical reports established this year show that with the growth of the renewable energies sector in developing countries, new records of global renewable energies capacity have been achieved in 2013 and early 2014. The electrical capacity from renewable resources has had , for its (...)
  • Gather necessary information for the identification of research projects to be undertaken and data allowing their programming, implementation and evaluation; Stimulate and foster assimilation, mastery and the progress of science and engineering and technological innovation in renewable (...)
  • Installation of pilot research and development in Renewable Energies. Certification, standardization of equipment for Renewable Energies conversion Feasibility studies in Renewable Energies Expertise and consulting in Renewable Energies Specialized or personalized training in Renewable (...)
  • Since the construction project of the Heliodyne between 1952 and 1954, an entity located at Bouzareah in the heights of Algiers, currently the « Renewable Energies Development Center », insure till now carrying scientific activities in renewable energies field. However, this entity was subject to (...)
  • The EPST classification and access conditions to senior positions: Interministerial Decree of the 11/21/2013 Fixing the Standard of Public Scientific and Technological character and the conditions of access to senior positions under its jurisdiction, under the Ministry of Higher Education and (...)