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Virtual Library


Innovative in high technologies of information and communication in renewable energies, the CDER has very early understood the importance and the strategic interest of launching a virtual library specialized in all topics in relation with renewable energies. The main mission of the virtual library is to improve the access to documentation on-line, spread the information and make it more reachable for everyone, everywhere and everywhen for researchers, students and industrials.

June 21, 2001, sun day, the virtual library opened its doors to scientific community on the occasion of International Day of Thermal organized by CDER, Bouzareah, Algiers, Algeria. Today, the virtual library offers many services such as: a web site, intranet, a conference room, a documentary base, hardware and other multimedia means.

Aware of the strategic interests lead by this project, the Algerian Association for Technology Transfer @2T2 has shown its will and its total availability to submit this project to the European Union under the MEDA program ( scientific associations support). This project was eligible in September 2004 for funding that will provide useful additional support for capacity building of the virtual library of CDER.

  • For any reservation of the rooms of the virtual library or of the digital campus, please contact the technical departments. First come first served, as long as the rooms are available.
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