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Hydrogen- Renewable Energie Division


Hydrogen as a potential energy vector is widely recognized. To this end and for a successful transition, R&D projects and road maps have been worldwide set up. In this context, the Renewable Energy Development Center (Centre de Développement des Energies Renouvelables) has set up a research and development hydrogen division. This division aspires to be, in the long term and at the national level, one of the instruments for the promotion of the technologies and the economy of hydrogen.


  • To gain good command
  • To carry on research and technological development in the field of hydrogen as an energy vector.
  • To facilitate the technological transfer to the economical sector
  • To develop innovative ideas.


  • Create a data base on the technological advances in the field of hydrogen as an energy vector.
  • Carry on studies and R&D activities in the field. These activities cover the science and technologies of hydrogen production and conversion (electrolysers, Fuel cells, IC motor, etc.) as well as the different applications and the technologies of storage and security.
  • Carry on assistance actions in design, installation and operation of infrastructure of hydrogen as an energy vector.
  • Carry on dissemination actions by technical publications and organization of training sessions, conferences and workshops.
  • Carry on hydrogen as an energy vector equipment testing for the industrial sector
  • Participate in the actions of standards and norm elaboration and implementation of system certification.
  • Participate in the action of training and capacity building in the field of hydrogen as an energy vector.
  • Missions: The control of systems of security of systems. The control of technologies of storage of hydrogen. The control of the different techniques of production of hydrogen from different sources of energy and the study of hybrid systems. Team leader(*): H. Tebibel (AR) E-Mail(*): (...)
  • Missions: Design, realisation and study of hydrogen energy systems for different application and the storage of hydrogen: Transport or standing systems Hybrid systems etc... Team leader(*): F. Messaoud (MRB) E-Mail(*): f.messaoud[a]cder.dz Members: L. Ziani (AR), A. Laoun (AR), M. (...)
  • Missions: • Master different systems and technologies used for burning pure hydrogen, and hydrogen mixed fuels. • Design and development of new innovative hydrogen combustion technologies for better energy efficiency and lower pollutant emissions. • Development of numerical tools for facing (...)