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Bioenergy & Environment Division


Research Division “Bioenergy and Environment” work since 2000 in the field of energy production from biomass and organic waste, resulting in the production of alternative, green, and renewable energy, integrated to sustainable development process, through the sectors : agriculture, rearing, industry, and waste management. Among the concerns of the division: The control processes of the sustainable production of new generations of clean fuels from non-food resources, Control of environmental measures tools and effluent treatment, because the effects of pollution are closely related to the use of cleaner fuels, The development of co products from conversion processes of biomass and waste into products with high added value in the context of green chemistry.


  • Establishing a structure of excellence in research and technological development in the field of bioenergy and new generations of clean fuels, associated with environmental aspect,
  • The design of testbeds and prototypes,
  • The contribution to the training of staff to ensure continuity and sustainability of research activities through supervision and monitoring of masters and doctoral thesis studies,
  • The development of active multidisciplinary research teams, and integration of scientific networks.


  • Control and optimization of production processes and the use of new generations of clean fuels (bioethanol, biogas, biodiesel ...),
  • Assessment and exploitation of local potential bio recoverable energy resources, such as algae, cellulose, non-food energy crops, residues ...
  • Control of production processes of other forms of bioenergy, from methanation, gasification, pyrolysis, the biofuel cells, and others ...
  • The process control measurement and treatment of pollution,
  • The development of pilots for socio-economic needs, including rural populations,
  • The use of biomass for the production of secondary products of high added value, obtained during the production of biofuels and other forms of bioenergy.
  • Missions: Control the processes of biogas production and valorization, Master the processes of production of other types of bioenergy, currently the bio cell, Derived Process valorization. Team leader(*): Meryem SABER (MRA) E-Mail(*): m.saber[at]cder.dz Members: Yamina Mounia AZRI (...)
  • Missions: Evaluate impacts of the atmospheric pollution on environment, Master sustainable technologies for the treatment and pollution management. Team leader(*): Fella Naouel ALLOUCHE (MRA) E-Mail(*): n.allouche[at]cder.dz Members: Noureddine YASSAA (Pr), Amine AKBI (MRB), Nassima (...)
  • Missions: Master production processes and the use of bioalcoholand biodiesel, Valuation of derivatives of the process. Team leader(*): Sabah ABADA (MRB) E-Mail(*): s.abada[at]cder.dz Members: Rahma BESSAH (MRB), Latifa TEBBOUCHE (AR), Madina KECHKAR (AR), Lilia GUETNI (AR), Rhiad (...)
  • Missions: Identification, selection and improvement of potential bioenergy resources for the optimisation of their use, in terms of substrates and biomass transformation agents, Master processes of algae valorization, Master the growth of photosynthetic microorganisms which could produce (...)
  • Measurment and analysis equipment Gas chromatograph (CPG) High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) UV-visible spectrophotometer Analyzer of volatile organic compounds (COV) Ozone analyzer Dust analyzer (fine particles) NOX analyzer Aethalometer (aérosols) Ebulliometer (...)