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Wind Energy Division


The Wind Energy Division is in charge of the implementation of research/ development projects in several areas related to the exploitation of this type of energy namely: wind resource assessment, wind turbine aerodynamics, hybrid systems and wind turbines for the network connection or pumping water. The division is organized into research teams assisted by a team of technical support.


The main mission of the Wind Energy Division is to conduct Scientific Research and Technological Development activities on topics that have a direct impact on the operation and use of wind energy.

The research is carried out on the following main topics:

  • The characterization and identification of wind sites with the estimation of wind energy potential in Algeria, optimizing of the wind turbines placement on a wind farm, development studies of wind farms and impact studies of wind turbines on the environment.
  • The aerodynamic aspects associated with operating wind turbines with fluid structure interaction study of wind turbine blades, characterization of the flow in the wind turbine wake, aero acoustic wind studies.
  • The multiple autonomous source systems and their integration into micro networks (or local networks) with modelling, design, optimization, command and control of these systems, the power injection into the electrical grid (small systems - private producer).
  • The interconnecting wind turbines to the electrical power network, instrumentation and electrical control of wind turbines
  • Wind pumping
  • The wind energy systems engineering

To achieve these research goals, two test benches are mounted at the CDER:

  • Hybrid photovoltaic wind energy system with battery storage
  • Test bench of water pumping by wind turbine.
  • Missions: The main objective of this team is to characterize and to assess the wind potential in Algeria. The research areas are: Wind resource assessment using meteorological data Methods and models of data extrapolation, Optimise the wind turbines layout in farms, Tecnico-economical (...)
  • Missions: The main mission of this team is to conduct Scientific Re­search and Technological Develop­ment activities on wind turbines aerodynamic with focus to wind turbines operating in local environment. The following topics are carried out: fluid structure interaction of wind turbine blades, (...)
  • Missions: This team supports all aspects of hybrid systems i.e. as well the integration of wind generators in micro-networks (or local networks) of the Algerian South (which is the main research area of this team) but also the autonomous hybrid systems. Team leader(*): Dr Abdelhamid Kaabeche (...)
  • Missions: This team takes mainly into account all aspects related to connecting wind generators to the interconnected system. Aspects bound to the installation of the autonomous wind systems and the engineering, which is associated with them, are also considered. Team leader(*): Dr Djohra (...)
  • Digital simulation equipment 6 calculation stations HP Z 840 Softwares : WAsP 9, WindPro 2.7, WindSim 7, ANSYS 16.0 (1 post) Meteorological measurments equipment 1 measuring mat of 10 m of height with meteorological intrumentation 4 measuring mats of 10 m of height with an anenometer (...)