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Photovoltaic solar energy Division


The division of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy is research structure of the “Centre de Développement des Energies Renouvelables” was established in 1982. The division is responsible essentially for development of PV modules systems interconnected in serial/parallel, electronic devices for control and regulation (load regulator), conversion DC/AC systems (inverters) and electrochemical storage systems (battery). Among applications duly approved by the PV Solar Energy division, include:

  • PV connected to the grid stations.
  • Power conditioning systems.
  • Photovoltaic Modules.
  • Electrochemical storage and production of Hydrogen using PV.


  • Conduct research studies for PV solar energy conversion equipment development,
  • Solar Energy conversion Control,
  • Outdoor and indoor equipment test,
  • Design, production and adjustment of conversion equipment intended to PV applications,
  • Study and characterization of battery for solar use,
  • Modelling, simulation and experimentation of modules and PV generator,
  • Design, study and production of different PV systems intended for solar applications (water pumping, home and public lighting, etc.),
  • Test bench set up for equipment and PV applications,
  • Development of dimensioning and PV systems monitoring software,


  • Undertake activities for design, production, development and experimentation of equipment intended for exploitation and conversion of solar energy to electrical power,
  • Control conversion and storage of solar energy,
  • Framing, follow up and training researchers, graduate and doctorate students,
  • Valorization and diffusion of research results in the field.
  • Missions: Lead studies and research works to develop autonomous PV systems and/or connected to the grid, Conception, study and realization of varied PV systems (Autonomous and/or connected to the grid) for various applications (water pumping, street lightening, home electricity, etc.), (...)
  • Missions: Design and production of conversion devices intended for photovoltaic systems and applications, Study of the effect of shading on the performance of MPPT, Design of an intelligent MPPT algorithm Team leader(*): BELHAOUAS N. Eddine (MRB) E-Mail(*): n.belhaouas@cder.dz Members: (...)
  • Missions: Conception and realization of control and regulation devices intended for photovoltaic systems and applications. Study and characterization of batteries for solar use and studies on electrochemical storage (battery cells), Team leader(*): Gherbi Akila (MRB) E-Mail(*): (...)
  • Missions: Design and production of conversion devices intended for photovoltaic systems and applications. Team leader(*): HASSAINE Linda (DR) E-Mail(*): l.hassaine[a]cder.dz Members: HASSAINE Linda (DR), Abdoune fateh(MRB), beddar antar ( MRB), BENGOURINA Med Reda (...)