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Solar Thermal and Geothermal Energy Division


The Solar Thermal and Geothermal Division is responsible for conducting scientific research and technological development in the areas of low temperatures systems, concentrating solar, the bioclimatic and geothermal.


  • Develop equipments and systems for the conversion of solar and geothermal energies into heat, mechanical and electrical energies.
  • Design and implementation of test facilities for characterization, approval and certification of solar collectors and solar water heating systems.
  • Integrate of environmental and energy efficiency through the judicious Algerian thermal regulation scheme.
  • Conduct training through research collaboration with Algerian universities. Researchers of the division provide courses and supervise students from universities enrolled in masters, magister and doctorate programs.


  • Design and production of solar energy devices and systems for hot water, water distillation, drying agricultural products and cold.
  • Study and development of thermodynamic solar power plants such as solar power tower, parabolic trough and Fresnel mirrors.
  • Development of autonomous and flexible systems such as Dish/Stirling modules and high temperature cookers.
  • Contribution in bioclimatic design and comfort in the building including adequate solar design and integration of solar systems in the heating and cooling.
  • Geothermal potential evaluation by geothermal exploration tools and updating chemical and isotopic analysis for Algerian main hot springs.
  • Geothermal operations for greenhouses heating, building heating and drying of food products.
  • Missions: The main missions of the LTSS team are the design, implementation and testing of devices and energy systems using solar energy. Conceive help tools and devices to characterization, homologation and certification of solar collectors and solar water heaters. Team leader(*): KOUSSA (...)
  • Missions: Develop building prototypes that integrates bioclimatic strategies and energy efficiency techniques Integration of environmental aspects and energy efficiency through judicious Algerian thermal regulation Elaboration of thermal simulation tools that predict the thermal performances (...)
  • Missions: Development of conversion equipment of solar energy into heat energy, mechanical and electrical. Study and development of thermodynamic solar power plants such as solar tower power plants, parabolic trough power plants and linear Fresnel power plants. Development of autonomous (...)
  • Missions: Evaluation of the geothermal potential by geothermal exploring and the updating of chemical and isotopic analysis of the main thermal sources in Algeria. Exploiting geothermal sources for greenhouse heating, location heating and agri-food products drying. Team leader(*): BENZIADA (...)