Call for papers

The Renewable Energies Journal is a journal devoted mainly to renewable energy different themes and technologies. The journal includes original works in fundamental and applied science. The fundamental character uses the fundamental sciences (physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, electronics, biology, materials science, etc..) to contribute to a better understanding of the basic phenomena of energy systems and processes. The applied character concerns energy aspects of studies and achievements of various industries processes and products (chemicals, metallurgy, mechanics, food, public works and building, equipment, etc..). The journal is also interested in renewable energy contributions to environmental protection.

Contributions can be:

  • Articles with a significant and innovative contribution to research and development field.
  • Short technical notes presenting new results or testing new ideas.
  • Reporting of conferences, workshops, symposiums and seminars.

All contributions are subject to the opinion of three experts who judge the interest of the publication.

To contribute or for more details, contact:

la Revue des Energies Renouvelables Secretariat


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