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Author Guidelines

The journal accepts any article with new studies on all renewable energy aspects : fundamental measurement, development or application, it can be of a scientific or technical article. If the author takes a figure, a photo or a table from another source (another publication), he must indicate the reference of the document after having obtained the reproduction rights.

  • Language

Articles can be written in Arabic, English or French.

  • Manuscript presentation

The manuscript must be entered on a standard paper (preferably A4) one side only, double spaced with margins of 3 cm on each side. The manuscript should have the following sections :

1. Title page: The title page contains:

* A clear and concise article title. * Author names and affiliations. * Complete addresses and e-mails if possible.

2. Summary Page: The summary page includes:

* The article title. * The summary in French and English, each abstract must not exceed 250 words; * Keywords.

3. Nomenclature: All parameters mentioned in the text must be defined, the units must be reported, they have to comply with the international system. The symbols should also be standard (ISO).

4. Text: The text should be divided into chapters and sub-chapters, each with a title and an arabic numeral.

5. Thanks: If required.

6. References: References should be identified in the text using Arabic numerals between brackets. They are grouped at the end of the article in their order of appearance.

7. Annexes: In order to not lose sight of the main ideas, mathematical analysis subordinate to the main subject should be detailed in the annexe.

8. Figures: The illustrations must be numbered in the text by Arabic numerals between brackets, each figure should be as explicit as possible. The legends are grouped on separate sheets.

9. Tables: They must be included in the manuscript and numbered in Arabic numerals in the order of their appearance in the text.

  • Manuscript Submission

The manuscript must be submitted in four (04) copies to the address below. The articles must not have been published elsewhere or submitted simultaneously (or published) in other journals. Each article submitted must be complete and in its final form.

  • Manuscript evaluation

All manuscripts are subject to the opinion of three (03) experts who judge the interest of its publication. These experts may request modifications or additions to the authors. In this case, the manuscript must be corrected and returned. However, no major changes will be accepted at this stage of publication. Only articles receiving a positive opinion will be accepted for publication. For any accepted article for publication, the final manuscript must be accompanied by a disk input.

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