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Web application for calculating solar radiation in Algeria

The present application allows to calculate various types of solar radiation, for 79 sites in Algeria (ONM). The application enables to model all the incident solar radiation for the purpose of optimizing systems using solar energy, whether the dimensioning or the evaluation of their performances.

The knowledge of the solar field is necessary in the design and the good functioning of any system working with the solar energy. Solar radiation data are used in the design, development, implementation, as well as in the evaluation of the performance of solar energy systems, but also for the construction of buildings in the perspective of better thermal insulation adapted to Geographical location.

You can use this application via the web address (http://data.cder.dz:81/).

The application was developed by Mr. R. Yaiche, Mr. A. Bouhanik, Ms. S. Bouzeriba and Ms. N. Gueriba.

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