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A new interface: a Web application for the calculation of solar radiation in Algeria

The New Technologies for Renewable Energies Department of the Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER) launches an all new interface of the Web application for the calculation of solar radiation available on : http://data.cder.dz:81

The new interface is much more modern, dynamic and compatible with different browsers and operating systems. Many bugs have been resolved on this interface.

The application has been developped by the Network and Measurment Instrumentation Service, for the methodological part of the work, in collaboration with the Renewable Energy Virtual Libraray Service, for the development part.

The objective of the application is to simulate the different flow of solar radiation. To reach it, two theorical approaches were adopted, appliable for a clear sky.

Using the Perrin and Brichambaut models, solar radiation on an horizontal plan were estimated. These values were used in order to evaluate, as concise as possible, the solar radiation on difefrent inclinations and orientations, the global radiation double and simple axis, and finally the direct radiation double and simple axisusing the Liu & Jordan model.

In this context, the application allows to calculate different types of solar radiations, for 79 sites in Algeria (ONM). The application allows also the modelling of all solar radiations in order to optimise all systems using solar energy, wether their sizing or their performances.

Acknowledging the solar deposit is very important for the dimensioning and the effective operating of every system runiing with solar energy. The collected data of the solar radiation is used for the conception, the development, the realisation, as well as the performance evaluation of solar energy systems, but also in building regarding the perspective of a better thermal insulation adapted to the geographical location.

Methodology : Mohamed Redha Yaiche and Abdellah Bouhanik

Software development: Sara Bouzeriba et Nadjeh Gueriba

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