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Project: coupling and control of different configurations of wind turbines connected to the electrical grid

The development of renewable energy sources receives a growing consideration and attention in the field of research and development in most of the countries and more particularly in the industrialized ones. Note that during the last decades Algeria started to effectively look at this sector and consider it as a promising area.

For the case of non-isolated sites presenting important wind potentials systems linked with electricity networks are planned as a solution. This type of systems is going to deeply modify the function and the structure of the electricity network.

Until now networks have had for role the transport of the electricity produced in a concentrated way in major power plants and its distribution to millions of consumers, private individuals or companies.

The multiplication of decentralized sources of electricity (wind, photovoltaic) calls today for new features and introduces a higher complexity.

In a near future, networks will have for role not only to distribute the produced electricity but also to mutualize the whole decentralized production while insuring the same level of reliability and quality as today.

In this project, we look at the decentralized production based on a wind system connected to the power grid seeking a better management and control of the associated process.

Including aspects related to the connection of wind generators to the interconnected grid and to the associated engineering and conducting studies concerning the optimization and the techno-economic and environmental aspects, the electricity production as well as the management of the connection of the wind generator to the national electricity network while complying with the conditions allowing to insure satisfactory energy quality levels as far as the functioning of the wind generators of major power is concerned.


36 months

Team leader(*):
Dr Djohra Saheb Koussa (MRA)

E-Mail (*):

Samir Bellarbi (MRB), Ahmed Boufertella (AR), Saida Makhloufi (AR), Abdelhak Djoudi (AR), Arezki Aikem (Ing.C), Ali Benachour (Ing.E), and Sofiane Kerri (Ing.E)

Key words:
Wind generators, connected to network, power grid, modelling, command, management, optimisation, economical and environmental aspects

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