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Project: Fluid dynamic simulation of wind turbines

The main goal of this project is the adaptation of small wind turbine blades to local environment (arid areas). The influence of blade geometry on the aerodynamic performance of wind turbines, fluid structure interaction and noise disturbance and on the wake (near and far wake) is studied. _ The influence of the blades erosion by the sand is also studied.
The study of these various parameters are carried out by numerical simulations based on the solution of the Unsteady Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes (URANS) equations. As for the aero acoustic analysis, DES models are applied. The equations are solved for an incompressible fluid. Furthermore, a technique based on the Lattice Boltzmann method is developed. For the validation of the numerical study, the obtained results are compared to available data (found in the literature) and to experimental data collected from the wind turbine installed at the CDER.

The main objective is to develop wind turbine blades adapted to local environment and mainly adapted to arid areas. 
The scientific objectives are to develop numerical tools for the study of wind turbine aerodynamic. These tools are based on open source CFD codes and can be used for the design of wind turbine blades, the study of their behavior in real operating conditions and for the optimization of the wind farm layout. This project also aimed the insertion of this team in international research groups with the development of new techniques of simulation such as reduced models and Lattice Boltzmann method.
The technical and technological objectives of this project are to master the design of wind turbine blades and the optimization of wind turbines siting in a farm.

2014 - 2016

36 months

Team leader(*):
Dr Ouahiba Guerri (DR)

E-Mail (*):

Ahmed Bekhti (AR), Ali Boudis (AR), Fatih Bourekba (AR), Hafida Daaou (AR), Dawoud Hamane (AR), Mohamed Maizi (AR), Madjid Tata (AR), Amina Balehouane (Ing.E), Sofiane Kerri (Ing. E), Aziz Toumi (Ing.E), Arezki Aikem (Ing.C)

Key words:
Wind turbine, aerodynamic, blades, CFD, URANS, DES, wake, IFS, aeroacoustic, flow control, LBM