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Project: Air conditioning of a habitat by geothermal energy

This project is to determine a methodology for the design of an air conditioning system (heating and cooling) of a habitat by geothermal energy. This system must be technically feasible and reliable.
Thus, it comes to designing a thermodynamic machine which generates the cold from a closed cycle using a fluid and an absorbent material. The heat source is geothermal.

Objectives: The main objective is to master the techniques of air conditioning geothermal energy (heating and cooling) and make prototypes for experimental studies


03 years

Team leader(*):
HADJIAT Mohammed Mondji (MRB)

E-Mail (*):

BOURABAA Abdenour (AR), SALHI Khelifa (AR)

Key words:
Geothermal, heat pump, absorption machine, exchanger, enthalpy balance

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