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Project: Modeling and simulation of concentrating solar power plants (CSP)

Solar energy is the energy provided from the sun directly or diffusely through the atmosphere. Using a various processes, solar energy can be transformed into another useful form of energy for human activities including heat or electricity.
Regarding the inaccessibility of the numerical tools in the developed studies and analysis released by laboratories and the industry, in this project, firstly, we proposed a numerical study on the operating of the concentrating solar power plants based on modeling and simulation of the different parts of the power plant (field of heliostats, receiver, power block...). Then, we planned to develop a specific useful tool for a detailed and general study of the concentrating solar power plant.

Objectives: This project aims to assess the positioning, design, properties and performance of solar receivers (building material, coolant …etc.) in the CSP. For the solar receiver, we used a numerical basis, to optimize the operating conditions that increase the thermal efficiency and improve the CSP performances. Considering the obtained results, the establishment of an innovation plan and a solar receiver implementation are envisaged.


03 years

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LAISSAOUI Mohammed (AR), MAMMAR Mohamed (AR), BOUHALLASSA Amar (AR) and HAZMOUNE Messaoud (AR)

Key words:
Modeling, simulation, heat transfer, CSP, solar receiver, coolant, energy efficiency.

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