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Project: Study, design and construction of concentrating solar collectors

The concentrating solar collectors are mainly consisted of three parts, the tracking system, parabolic reflectors (mirrors-receiver tube), and metal support structure. The single axis tracking system is the most used in the focal line collectors such as the parabolic trough, and Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR), whilst the dual axis tracking system is adapted to focal point system like solar tower.

Objectives: The goal of this project is to achieve solar collectors. It is about conducting a theoretical study of different types of collector, and designing in order to realize the solar collectors. These collectors can be integrated into solar power plant for electricity generation, or heat for industrial processes and solar cooling system.


03 years

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MAHFOUD Omar (AR), TAKILATE Abdellatif (AR), DEBBACHE Mohammed (AR), KAROUA Housseyn (AR) ; GRIOU Abdelkader (Ing SR), MAZOUZ Mawloud (Ing SR)

Key words:
Concentrating solar power, parabolic trough collector, solar tracking, Command, Slew drive, CLFR

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