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Project: Optimization and maintenance of photovoltaic pumping systems.

The power production is a challenge of big importance for years to come. Besides, developing countries, will need more and more energy, to bring to a successful conclusion their development.  The supply in electricity in these isolated rural regions, is a current issue in developing countries, where the sun shines in abundance and where we find a vast rural population, without the necessary infrastructure to be equipped with an electricity network.  The PV pumping systems seem one of the promising applications, of the use of photovoltaic solar energy, it is the ideal solution for these zones, so allowing water supply and agricultural and human self-sufficiency. 
In our case we are going to study the modelling, the optimization, the monitoring, the instrumentation and the failure detection of the photovoltaic pumping systems.


  • Study of a PV pumping system coupled directly to the load.
  • Modelling and characterization of a PV generator, by comparing the measured data and the calculated data.
  • Modelling of a sub-system engine pump.
  • Optimization of the PV Pumping system by studying the relationship between the electrical power and the water flow.
  • Study of a system inserting a device of extraction of the maximal power, with an adequate choice of the algorithm looking for the point of maximal power. 
  • Detection of the various breakdowns of the PV pumping systems.


36 months

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Key words:
Photovoltaic generator, photovoltaic pumping, manometric height, water flow, engine-pump, point of maximal power, monitoring, instrumentation.

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