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Project: Inventory, characterization and energy valorization of some bioenergy resources, applied on algae.

The energy based on biomass offers an interesting alternative to the fossil fuels. It is an energy which remains compatible with the systems of storage and use, exploited with fossil energy, in particular as regards fuels.
The project is in two parts, the first one will concern the characterization of some potentially interesting bioenergy resources for the production of bioenergy. Interesting resources will be those that are available and non competitive to food resources or other use so important.
The targeted energy resources will include raw materials, and microorganisms involved as substrate or agents of biomass processing. It will concern resources used for the production of new generation of biofuels, mainly from cellulose and algae.
After characterization, the second part of the project will concern the energy exploitation of these resources, so processing tests on biofuels of new generations. The application will be in particular on algae, currently used for the production of biodiesel, bioalcohol and biogas.


  • Stand a start of an inventory of bioenergy resources,
  • Assess the diversity of bioenergy resources, and those which could be developed in Algeria,
  • Explore the different ways of algae valorization and other selected resources, and indentify barriers linked to these ways,
  • Understand the interactions between local conditions, produced metabolites, and different reactions of the experimented bioenergy resources,
  • Acquire and develop knowledge about algal biomass, for the different steps form the growth to the processing,
  • Initiate a data bank,
  • Participate to the transition toward adavanced biofuels,
  • Develop new renewable resources.


36 months

Team leader(*):

E-Mail (*):

Amel OUNNAR, Majda Amina AZIZA, Fayrouz KAIDI, Lamia BENHABYLES

Key words:
Resources, Biofuels, Algae, micro organisms, new generations, sustainability.

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