Project: Biodiesel production and valorization

The biodiesel sector contains many steps going from cultivation till the final product which is the Biodiesel. The research project objective is to control the process of biodiesel production from used oils or non-edible oleaginous plants. Various biomasses for the production of biodiesel will be studied and the selected substrate will be used for trans-esterification reaction. Optimization of reaction conditions will be explored, our aim is to improve the parameters involved in biodiesel production such as temperature, time reaction and quantities of alcohol and catalyst. The obtained product (biodiesel) will be valorized as alternative to diesel fuel.


  • Control of biodiesel production process
  • Optimization of the process parameters in biodiesel production
  • Development of analytical techniques
  • Proposal to develop a process to produce a product for a small business


24 - 36 months

Team leader(*):
Aida Cherifa AHMIA

E-Mail (*):

Rahma BESSAH, Rhiad ALLOUNE, Aida-chérifa AHMIA, Fetta DANANE

Key words
Oleaginous plants, extraction, soxhlet, trans-esterification, biofuel, biodiesel, used oils.

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