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Project: Development of eco-innovative processes for water depollution.

Wastewater from urban, industrial and agricultural sectors can be carried by several ecological processes, currently well controlled at laboratory scale, and widely applied at full scale in industry including physicochemical and biological treatments adopted in multidisciplinary approaches. The aim of this study is to evaluate and to test the effectiveness of an ecological process and/or by coupling an innovative methods based on the use of a new renewable materials to remove pollutants. Preliminary tests was conducted in order to determine the performance of the selected materials towards pollutants through equilibrium experiments including sorption isotherms and uptake kinetics using batch and column experiments.


  • Study of the depollution phenomenon through experimentations: Batch and column experiments.
  • Study of pollution remove by determining operative parameters such as the effect on pH, modelling (size particles, concentration, temperature,…..etc).
  • Identification of the principle parameters controlling the fixation of pollutants based on innovative and ecological process using renewable materials from aqueous effluents depended on the multidisciplinary approaches.


24 - 36 months

Team leader(*):
Fella Naouel ALLOUCHE

E-Mail (*):

Fella Naouel ALLOUCHE

Key words:
Water, discharge, pollution, treatment, renewable energy.

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