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The « Sea Garbage Men » operation is launched for cleaning beaches for summer

Saturday 23 May 2015 Here we go for the 20th beaches cleaning operation, launched in the very morning, in 14 coastal cities. The first cleaning campaign has been launched twenty years ago, aiming to aware swimmers on preserving a cleaner environment which is theirs. Its ambition is to make the children of today, the eco-reponsible of tomorrow.

The event is organized, in collaboration with the local radio, by La Chaine 3 and the association "Récifs", the initiator of the campaign in 1995, involving a huge crowd of volunteers amoung nature lovers, ecologists, scousts and scientists.

This campaign saw also the participation of many sectors, such as health, research, youth and sports, civil protection, green clubs from the sector of the national education in addiction of associations concerned with environmental protection and population.

The Renewable Energy Development Center participated at Tamenfoust beach in Algiers by providing a PV system to feed in electricity the radio studio of La Chaine 3 which made a live broadcast from the beach thanks to solar energy, CDER has also provided the particpants with an electric charging station for cellphones fed with solar energy. The two systems were developped with a high rate of local integration. There were more than 32.000 garbage men last year, and there will be more to participate this year through radio, but beaches remains more unhealthy and dirtier seeing the amount of garbage collected each year.

La Chaine 3 is present in three choosen sites in order to make a live cover of the campaign for its auditors all along the day of Saturday 23 May. The selected beaches are : Tamenfoust in Algiers, Saket in Bejaia, Koutama in Jijel, and both Tigzirt and Azefoune in Tizi Ouzou.

More than a thousand of beach cleaners at Mers El Hadjadj

More than a thousand of people took part, Saturday, to the « Sea Garbage Men » campaign focusing on cleaning the long beach of Mers El Hadjadj, at the east of Oran, in preparation for the 2015 summer season.

The objective of this operation is both to make beaches more welcoming and cleaner and to teach an environmental culture to make it usual and permanent. It is to notice that the long beach of Mers El Hadjadj will host ceremonies marking the opening of the summer season.

During this summer, 33 beaches out of the 34 of the Oran coast will be available for swimming. Only the beach of El Mactaa has been declared temporarily forbiden for summer visitors because of rinsing water level due to technical tests of water desalination station, located at the immediate neighbourhood.

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