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A new map of the solar irradiation in Algeria published by CDER in the occasion of the the summer solstice

It is the first map of the Algerian solar Atlas, which will be published soon by the CDER, including various solar irradiation maps. These maps are made by the instrumentation team of CDER from measured datas of limited sites in Algeria. The work of this team is based on models for the estimation of the global solar irradiations, direct and continious for different kind of sky.

The obtained results and confirmed by the measured data in the field.

Solar maps have a huge rôle in the design of solar energy production systems, by adapting them to the local climat in order to optimize their outputs.

This celebration is the opportunity to promote national scientific production, by awarding the best scientific production in the Journal of Renewable Energies. The price of summer soltice of 2013 will be attributed to Mme F. Yettou, researcher at the Applied Research Unit in Renewable Energies of Ghardaia for her valuable contributions.

By the same occasion, the CDER will deliver testimonials for the efforts in the management of the Rnewable Energies Journal, and will attribute a special prize for the team Wind Deposit for its works on the characterization of the wind sites and the estimation of the wind deposit in Algeria in association with the Ministry of the energy and the mines, and thus encourage teamwork.

And finally, the CDER web site will be available in english and arabic to reach the international ambition of the center, and to make it more visible.

Samy Bouchaib, CDER.

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