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Research and innovation efficiency of the CDER in 2014: Satisfactory track record!

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CDER’s research and innovation performances in 2014

Aware that the scientific reserach and technological development are the key of success of every economic and social growth. The Renewable Energies Development Center (CDER), leads, since few years, applied researches aiming to meet socio-economic needs and issues in a strategic field which is renewable energies.

This presenting document the balance sheet of performance of our research center in terms of innovation and technological development of 2014, aims to be a detailed report of the evolution of the scientific production by referring to quality indicators universally recognized.

With a massive recruitment of researchers and research support staff in 2014, the CDER counts 840 employees today among whom 404 permanent researchers. What returns the CDER among the biggest research center in Algeria, in North Africa and in Arab countries.

In 2014, the scientific contribution of the CDER reached 676 between international publications, international communications and deposited patents and among which 109 international publications indexed in the all over the world recognized databases, SCOPUS and/or Wob of science. Numerous prototypes were realized and electronic devices and electrotechnics were developed.

Since September, 2014, and to confirm the strategic orientation to confirm the National character of the CDER, a work of consolidation of the affiliation of the research units to the CDER in a single membership " Renewable Energies Development Center " was begun by the technical departments of the EPST. This work allowed to strengthen 300 contributions in SCOPUS. The number of total contributions of the CDER passed, so, from 177 contributions (in September, 2013) to 477 contributions (at the end of December, 2014) in SCOPUS. Let be a 269 % increase. Worried of perfecting of the knowledge of its researchers, the CDER offered, this year, 47 short-term internships and long-term 10 internships in big world-famous research institutes.

Since the launch of the multilingual version of the official Web site in January, 2014, the international visibility of the CDER has clearly improved. The CDER Web site remained at the top 1000 world of the research centers according to the editions of January and June, 2014 of the webometrics ranking, the Ranking Web of Research Centers Webometrics. At the regional level, the CDER remained on the podium of the classification of the Web sites of the Arabic research centers (2nd in January then 3rd in June, 2014). In 2014, the Web site of the CDER integrated the Majestic Million ranking.

Besides, 2014 was very rich in activities and scientific animations whether it is the organization of conferences and thematic seminars or the participation to exhibition shows and in the scientific events. Many partnership agreements and conventions were signed as well with universities and of researches Algerian and foreign as with state-owned companies and private. The CDER researchers continue to seek after excellence to develop and master the technologies allowing to exploit the considerable and inexhaustible resources of renewable energies which our country holds; an exceptional solar deposit and a considerable wind and geothermal energy potential.

We are convinced, that these efforts are certainly going to insure the success of the energy transition since the extraction of the oil in the basement towards the conversion of the solar energy on the ground.

Professor N. YASSAA, Director of the CDER

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