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A PMSG wind turbine control based on passivity

F. Achouri, A.Y. Achour and B. Mendil

Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Bejaia,
Targa Ouzemour, Bejaia, Algeria.


In this paper, a standard passivity based control is applied to permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) in wind turbine connected to the grid via a PWM back to back three phase converter. The controller is designed using the non linear, model of PMSG generator and it is guaranteed to have tracking properties for the electric and mechanical references as (currents and speed respectively) ; it also guarantees the internal stability of the system exploiting energy dissipation (passivity) concepts. The performance of the proposed approach is evaluated based on the various simulations results carried out under Matlab/Simulink software.


Wind energy conversion, Variable speed, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator PMSG, Nonlinear systems, Nonlinear control, Passivity-Based Control (PBC).

A PMSG wind turbine control based on passivity
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