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Project 3 : Electrification of Assekrem (Algeria) by photovoltaics

The electrification of Assekrem within the scope of the Algerian-Spanish cooperation. Assekrem is located in the Atakor, central part of the Hoggar mountains, where rise the greatest heights of Algeria. Geographic data of Assekrem are:

  • Location: Assekrem, W. Tamanrasset, Algeria
  • Altitude: 271O meters
  • Latitude: 23 ° 16’N
  • Longitude: 05 ° 38’E

Presentation of the photovoltaic installation

Photovoltaic system that provides electricity to the refuge is a Micro electricity grid of Hybrid Solar generation. This system is composed of :

  • Photovoltaic generator:

The photovoltaic generator converts the solar energy into electrical energy. Its power is 2,250 kWc, it consists of 15 photovoltaic modules made of monocrystalline silicon. Each module has a power of 150 Wc. The photovoltaic modules are mounted on treated wood structures, they form the roof of the technical shelter of the of different installation equipment (batteries, control and conversion, etc.).

  • Batteries

Their role is to store electrical energy in order to use it when there is need. The batteries are made of lead, tProject 3 : Electrification of Assekrem (Algeria) by photovoltaicshey are tubular with an Ah of 900 and 24 elements of 2 volts.

  • Regulator

characterized by:

  • A function to find the point of maximum power produced by the photovoltaic generator.
  • Modular structure that adapts to photovoltaic generators with a capacity up to 2000 Wc each.
  • The ability to maintain a floating voltage at the battery terminals to balance the losses, when the batteries reache 100% load.
  • inverter

The main functions are given below:

  • Modular structure, the inverter cabinet can contain several modular inverters working in parallel.
  • Input voltage: 48 V C.C.
  • Output voltage : 230V / 50 Hz CA.
  • High performance, at low and high voltage as well.
  • Low consumption
  • Pure sinusoidal wave (distortion ‹ 2.5% )
  • Auxiliary Engine-generator

It will be used in emergencies and in charging the batteries. The auxiliary Engine-generator is a heat engine of 15 kVA at 220V and 50Hz. Starting and stopping the generator is manual.

  • Distribution and lighting grid

Cables between buildings and technical shelter are underground. Inside the building, the wiring, the distribution box and the switches are apparent because of the buildings construction nature which is made of stone.

The exterior lighting is provided by lamps placed on the walls of refuge buildings . These exterior lighting points are at a low height, up to 2 meters, oriented only toward the ground to minimize the loss of light to the sky and especially not to obstruct the view of the the celestial vault.

(For contact: Dr Abderrahmane Hamidat, email: hmdab@yahoo.com)

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