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Project 2: Mini plant connected to the CDER’s grid

This project is part of the Algerian-Spanish Cooperation. It is a photovoltaic (PV) system with a generator which provides electricity to the grid.

Thus, the system consists of the PV generator and inverters that convert direct current produced into alternating current, this latter is injected in the network (220 volts).

The current produced by this PV system is perfectly compatible with that provided by the network. The PV generator consists of 90 photovoltaic modules I-106, coupled on three inverters Ingecon 2.5 (for contact: hadjarab@cder.dz).

Characteristics of the module I-106

Table 1. Physical characteristics of the module I-106
Width (mm) 654
Length (mm) 1310
Weight (kg) 11.5
Cells’s number in series 36
Cells’s number in parallel 2
Table 2. Electrical characteristics of the module I-106
Power (WC) 106
Short circuit current (A) 6,54
Maximum power current (A) 6,10
Open circuit voltage (V) 21,6
Maximum power voltage (V) 17,4

Main characteristics of the inverter Ingecon Sun 2.5 (Tables 3-4)

Table 3. Physical characteristics of the inverter Ingecon Sun 2.5
Width (mm) 420
Length (mm) 525
Weight (kg) 46
Thickness (mm) 300

Block diagram of the Mini plant connected to the CDER’s grid

Table 4. Electrical characteristics of the Ingecon Sun 2.5 inverter.
Minimum voltage DC input 125 V
Maximum voltage DC input 450 V
Maximum current DC input 16 A
Nominal power AC output 2500 W
Maximum power AC output 2700 W
Nominal voltage output 220/230 Vac
harmonic distortion < 5% (THD)
Cos (ø) 1 selection (0,9-1) )
maximum performance 94 %
Consumption in operation 10 W
consumption at night 0 W

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