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URAER : Applied Research Unit for Renewable Energies

Renewable Energy Applied Research Unit (URAER), inaugurated in 1999 and affiliated to the Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER) is located in the city of Ghardaia. The ambition of the URAER is to become an international plate-form for experimentation and a crossroads for the communication on all local acheivements in renewable energy. The URAER upon its research programmes contribute to master and develop these technologies.

The existing human potential into the unit could also bring its own contribution to the national effort for research and training. Thus, by collaborating with universities and other reserach centers, as well as with the possibility of providing within the unit a training of wuality in renewable energy, starting from master level to the specialized PHD.

Address : BP.88 Gart Taam Z.I Bounoura Ghardaia
PHONE : +213(0)29870126
Fax : +213(0)29870146
WEB site : http://uraer.cder.dz

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