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URERMS: Research Unit for Renewable Energies in Saharan region

Unité de Recherche en Energies Renouvelables en Milieu Saharien URERMS

Renewable Energy Research Unit in Saharan Area (URERMS), affiliated to the Reenewable Energy Development Center (CDER) is a research structure, created with Ministerial Order No. 76 of the 22nd May, 2001 at the EPST CDER.

Scientific research and technological development works led in the URERMS are within the National Programme of Research in Renewable Energy, considered by public authorities as prioritary and leadership.

The main mission of the Applied Scientific Research and Technological Development Unit. It is in charge of launching activities of reserach and experimentatio for the promotion and the development of renewable energy in Saharan regions. It concerns :

  • Collect, exploit, process and analyse the whole necessary data for a precise evaluation of solar, wind and biomass deposits in Saharan regions.
  • Operate scientific and technological works on the design and teh development of devices and equipments for solar and biomass energy packaging.
  • Procede to study the qualification and the adequation of settlement sites of solar and wind energy systems.
  • Undertake tests, observation, experimentation, exploitation, measurement, reliability and endurance of solar and wind energy equipments.
  • Launch production and biomass valuation activities for energety, environmental and agronomic purposes.

Address: B.P 478, Route de Reggane, ADRAR.
PHONE: +213(0)49965168
FAX: +213(0)49960492
WEB site: http://urerms.cder.dz

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