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List of NRP Projects in Renewable Energies, Nuclear Technics and Hydrocarbons

The CDER, Center of Renewable Energies Development, was assigned by the DGRSDT to drive National Programs on Energies Research including NRP Renewable Energeis, NRP Hydrocarbons and NRP Nuclear Technics. Following to two calls for submissions of research projects launched by the DGRSDT, more than 150 proposals have been introduced in the context of these three programs. Project proposals introduced in the field of Renewable Energies are in greater numbers and are part of all research themes.

The Solar Photovoltaic attracts the most of researchers. The number of received submissions in the Hydrocarbons and Nuclear Technics program are rspectively 15 and 7. each projects has been subject to 3 expertises according to the common evaluation board for all National Research Programs. Experts, member of the DGRSDT base, as mainly researchers affiliated to the EPST CDER and teachers researchers ( USTHB, University of Blida, Tlemcen, Batna, Setif, Constantine, Annaba, Ouargla, Adrar, Mascara, Bejaia, Oum El Bouaghi,...). The expertises has be confirmed by the Scientific Council of the EPST CDER and the projects was accepted by the Intersectoral Committees.

PNR Nuclear Technics

Program N° Title of the project Project leader Institution of affiliation of the project leader Domiciliation project
9 Characterization of ionizing radiation fields used in Medical Imaging and for Radiation Protection ALLAB MALIKA USTHB SNIRM – USTHB Laboratory
9 Characterization of inhomogeneous electromagnetic resonators complex shapes for design and optimization of the embodiment MRI probes operating above 400 MHz. BENAHMED NASREDDINE UABT Telecommunication Research Laboratory
9 Elucidation by neutron scattering at small angles of structural properties of particulate systems and polymers mixed micellar BENDEDOUCH DALILA U. Oran Molecular Physical Chemistry Laboratory
9 Possibility of use of iridium source créactivée brachytherapy CHAOUI ZINE-EDDINE UFAS Lab. In opto-electronics and components
9 Development of special materials based on Fe Ni Zr and their application in nuclear technology. LEBAILI SOLTANE USTHB Laboratory of Materials Science and Engineering
9 Study of the behavior under irradiation of ceramics considered for the fuel cladding of future nuclear reactors MEFTAH ALI U. SKIKDA Lab. Research on the Physical Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces LRPCSI

NRP Renewable Energies

Program N° Title of the project Project leader Institution of affiliation of the project leader Domiciliation project
10 Minimizing economic losses in the Algerian network by improving the quality of electricity ABDELKHALEK OTHMANE U. BECHAR Laboratory of Physics and Semiconductor Devices A
10 Analysis and Energy Management in Embedded Networks ABOUBOU ABEDNACER UMKB Laboratory of Energy Systems Modeling
10 Characterization and modeling of electrochemical accumulators used for the storage of solar PV. ACHAIBOU NADIA CDER Centre of Renewable Energy Development
10 Preparation of thin layers of CuInS2 by chemical pathways Type: SILAR and Colloidal and Their integration in solar cells SnO2/ZnS/CuInS2/Mo ADNANE MOHAMMED USTO Laboratory electron microscopy and materials science. Faculty of Science USTO.
10 Energy recovery of biogas from Batna CET ADOUANE BELKACEM UHLB Energy Applied Physics Laboratory - Batna
10 Pilot project in Ghardaia PV system connected to the network with Sun tracking AIT CHEIKH MED SALAH ENP Applied Research Unit on Renewable Energies
10 Optimizing the quality of electric power and performance of solar installations in the region of Bejaia ALKAMA REZAK UAMB Laboratory of Electrical Engineering University of Bejaia
10 Development of a Biofuel sector in Algeria AZIZA MAJDA CDER Center for Renewable Energy Development
10 Experimental site in Tlemcen solar house: Production operations and energy optimization AZZI AHMED UABT Laboratory Materials and Renewable Energies MMEL University of Tlemcen.
10 Development of an Information System Solar based multisource data BACHARI NOUR EL ISLAM USTHB Center for Renewable Energy Development
10 Contribution of the EBIC microscopy and X-ray microanalysis in the study and performance improvement of photovoltaic cells BASSOU GHAOUTI USBA Microscopy Microanalysis Laboratory of Molecular Spectroscopy and material L2MSM-Univ. SBA.
10 Simulation of a solar thermal plant for the production of 30 MWe ex: Guelma BEGHIDJA ABDELHADI UMC LEAP Mechanical Engineering Department Faculty of Engineering Sciences, UM Constantine
10 Renewable Energies for Electricity and Water Production in Remote Areas. BELAIDI IDIR UMBB UMBB/LEMI
10 Production of electricity by coupling a timely hub and an engine Stirling cycle kinematics. BELAL BRAHIM CDER Center for Renewable Energy Development
10 Development of a self-controlled solar battery BELARBI EL-HABIB U. TIARET Synthesis and Catalysis Laboratory U. Ibn Khaldoun Tiaret
10 Optimizing the integration of Solar Photovoltaic Electricity ES-PV in the energy balance of a Hybrid Vehicle PHV BELHAMEL MAIOUF CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Hydrogen production by electrolysis in electrical energy produced by a solar concentrator dish BELLEL NADIR UMC Energy Physics Laboratory University Mentouri Constantine
10 Study and development of an optimized solar power system. BENABADJI NOUREDDINE USTO Laboratory LAAR - Department of Physics USTO
10 Synthesis of new electrode materials with electrocatalytic effect in producing hydrogen by electrochemical-system coupled to a photovoltaic module PV BENAICHA MOHAMED U. Sétif LEES
10 Study completion and testing of a small autonomous wind of 5-10 kW Adrar website BENATIALLAH ALI UADA Energy and Environment Lab University of Adrar
10 Study and optimization of a solar photovoltaic lighting system on the Adrar region BENATIALLAH ALI UADA Laboratory Energy and Environment
10 Cold production by solar sorption. Development of a first prototype BISKRA. BENCHABANE ADEL UABT Mechanical Engineering Laboratory University of Biskra
10 Treatment and recycling of waste from the dairy industry BENCHEIKH-LEHOCINE MOSSAAB UMC LIPE
10 Study of the contribution of nanostructures in improving photovoltaic silicon heterostructures. BENMANSOUR ABDELHALIM UABT URMER University of Tlemcen Tlemcen Abubakr Belkaïd
10 Preparation and characterization of thin layers of composite materials dedicated to the photovoltaic conversion BENRAMDANE NOUREDDINE USBA Laboratory Preparation and Characterization of Materials - Sidi Bel Abbes U.
10 Characterization of photovoltaic materials and crystalline solar cells. BENRAMDANE NOUREDDINE USBA Laboratory Preparation and Characterization of Materials - Sidi Bel Abbes U.
10 Developing modeling and simulation of photovoltaic materials. Projection photovoltaic industry in Algeria. BENYOUCEF BOUM ?DI ?NE UABT Research Unit Materials and Renewable Energies, University of Tlemcen
10 Water - Geothermal Energy and Environment in Algeria Application Example: Watershed Hammam-Melouane. BENZIADA MEBROUK CDER Center of Renewable Energeis DEvelopment
10 Design and control of a hybrid photovoltaic system - Wind: isolated and connected mode network BERKOUK EL MADJID ENP Laboratory Process Control LCP - ENP
10 Experimental platform for different PV technologies on site Ghardaia modules. BERRAH SMAIL UAMB URAER
10 Treatment and energy recovery from waste and sludge treatment plants STEP management BOUCHEKIMA BACHIR UKMO LENREZA - Ouargla
10 Design and construction of a plant for photovoltaic pumping for irrigation of a palm grove BOUCHEKIMA BACHIR UKMO LENREZA - Ouargla
10 Evaluation and exploitation of geothermal resources for the purposes of heating and drying BOUCHEKIMA BACHIR UKMO LENREZA - Ouargla
10 Generator Low Voltage and High Voltage PV source BOUDGHENE STAMBOULI AMINE USTO Research laboratory in electrical engineering from Oran
10 Advanced Automatic Dedicated to Positive Energy Buildings BOUDJEMA FARES ENP Laboratory Process Control
10 Real-time simulator networks with Power Hardware-in-the-loop PHIL BOUDOUR MOHAMED USTHB The Laboratory Electrical and Industrial Systems LSEI
10 Study of a system for solar hydrogen production unit for CEVITAL Algiers. BOUDRIES RAFIKA CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Comparative study of renewable hydrogen in Algeria by various techniques BOUDRIES RAFIKA CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Feasibility study of a Solar Chimney Power in southern Algeria. BOUHDJAR AMOR CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Photo Anodes In TiO2 Nano-structured and doped applications BOUKROUH SMAIN CU. MILA Ceramics Laboratory of Constantine
10 The influence of climatic parameters in Algeria on the performance of photovoltaic systems BOURSAS ABDELHAKIM U. MSILA LPCM
10 Modeling and optimization of photovoltaic systems BOUZID AISSA UMC Electrotechnical Laboratory Constantine
10 Improved water pumping by the photovoltaic solar and wind energy BOUZIDI BELKACEM CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Study design and realization of the energy behavior of an ecological habitat. economics CHABANE SARI NASR-EDDINE UABT URMER Univ. TLEMCEN
10 Study of aspects related to the production and conversion of hydrogen and bio-assessment of associated risks CHADER SAMIRA CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Characterization of Photovoltaic Generators under different conditions of light and temperature CHEGAAR MOHAMED UFAS Lab.photoelectronics Components and Setif
10 Design and implementation of an intelligent solar station to supply electricity and irrigation in an isolated region of diversity laghouat CHEKNANE ALI UATL lab. Study and development. semiconductors and dielectrics
10 Monitoring of the PV plant connected to the network site Zéralda CHIKH MADJID UDES UDES
10 Study and Implementation of a Solar Refrigeration Machine CHIKH SALAH USTHB Laboratory of Multiphase Transport and Porous USTHB
10 Design and construction of a refrigerated container of 1.5 m3 powered by solar energy CHIKOUCHE AHMED UDES UDES
10 New method for increasing the power output of photovoltaic modules for a substantial reduction in the cost Watt peak. CHIKOUCHE AHMED UDES UDES
10 Evaluation of solar radiation by using appropriate models CHOUDER AISSA CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Contribution to the study of hydrogen production using solar energy photovoltaic DIAF NEE GHRIBI DJAMILA CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Feasibility study of hybridization mini-diesel plants by systems of renewable energy sources DIAF SAID CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Study Tandem solar cells and heterojunction thin in order to optimize their performance layers. DJAHLI FARID UFAS Scientific laboratory instrumentation LIS
10 Techno-economic study of a wind farm total output of 50 MW connected to the network of the Adrar region DJAMAI MOURAD CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Design of an indirect solar dryer for medicinal and aromatic plants EL MOKRETAR SOFIANE CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Integration and Optimization of Photovoltaic lighting based semiconductor components to white LEDs FATHI MOHAMED UDES UDES
10 Heterojunction solar cells GHAFFOUR KHERREDDINE UABT Research Unit Materials and Renewable Energies
10 A methodology for optimizing photovoltaic pumping systems development GHARBI NEE DJOUDI AKILA CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Application of reduction techniques models for Renewable Energies GUERRI OUAHIBA CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Charactizer photovoltaic modules HADDADI MOURAD ENP ENP
10Production of hydrogen from an electrolyzer powered by renewable sources HAMANE LILIA CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Control of inverters for photovoltaic systems connected to the grid HASSAINE LINDA CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Modeling system in motor pump in a photovoltaic pumping system HASSAINE LINDA CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Control and Analysis of a Hybrid Solar Unit HATTI MUSTAPHA UDES UDES
10 Design and construction of a solar-wind-diesel hybrid micro power adapted to rural areas of Bechar. HAZZAB ABDELDJEBAR U. BECHAR Lab. Research: Analysis and Optimization Control of electro-energy systems CAOSEE
10 Diagnostics and Solutions Problems related to Junctions Cables Underground Networks MT SONELGAZ HAZZAB ABDELDJEBAR U. BECHAR U BECHAR
10 Synthesis of biodiesel from vegetable oils by catalysis on metal oxides KACIMI SOUFIC U. AIN TEMOUCHENT Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials Univ. of Sidi Bel Abbes 10 Study Efficiency and Implementation of a Multi-System Energy Resources Clean KERROUR FOUAD U. Constantine Laboratory of photoelectronics and components 10 Development of materials and photovoltaic structures KESRI NAZIHA USTHB Semiconductor Materials Laboratory and Metal Oxides LMSOM USTHB
10 Modeling of transport phenomena in the solar air conditioning - Design and implementation of solar thermal systems. KHADRAOUI YAHIA UABT Laboratory Water & Works in Their Environment - Eole Univ. of Tlemcen
10 Study and realization of a functional test bench on a complete solar photovoltaic conversion chain 5 kWp interconnected network KHELIF MESSAOUD CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Implementation of a weather monitoring system for the region of Hassi R’Mel CHELLALI FAROUK URAER URAER
10 Economic Survey of the technical realization of a solar power plant solar tower KHELLAF ABDALLAH CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Economic optimization and diagnosis of a system of photovoltaic power generation associated with energy storage system KHEMLICHE MABROUK UFAS Automatic Control Laboratory Department of Electrical Engineering University Setif Ferhat Abbas - Sétif
10 Optimization of wind farms and their integration into the grid Algerian KHIAT MOUNIR ENSET ENSET Oran
10 Control and regulation of the main parameters involved in the standardization of performance of a solar water heater KOUSSA MUSTAPHA CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Hybridization of a diesel plant by a wind system in isolated KOUSSA-SAHEB DJOHRA CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Optimizing Design of Buildings in Algeria to improve their energy performance: Towards a positive approach to energy LARBES CHERIF ENP Unit for Applied Renewable Energy URAER
10 Energy from waste animal fats LIAZID ABDELKRIM ENSET Lab. Research Technology of the Environment ESET ORAN
10 Search for new refrigerants: Study and modeling MADANI HAKIM UHLB Laboratory studies of industrial energy systems DGMUB U. Batna
10 Solar Fuel: Hydrogen Solar origin of mixed Natural Gas MAHMAH BOUZIANE CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Approval of Photovoltaic Modules MAHRANE ACHOUR UDES UDES
10 Study and realization of an autonomous solar station for recharging the batteries of an electric vehicle MALEK ALI CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Modeling, Observation and Control of Wind Energy Systems MANSOURI ABDELAH ENSET d’ORAN Laboratory of Automation and Systems Analysis
10 Simulation and Performance Optimization of Hybrid Solar-Gas Central Hassi R’Mel MANSOURI KACEM UMBB Department of Energy Engineering Univ. Boumerdes
10 Integration and control of autonomous photovoltaic systems connected to the mains MELLIT ADEL UABT Laboratory and modeling studies in electrical Univ. Jijel
10 Directed Study and Monitoring of Solar Installation of Hot Water Production in Industrial Use MERZOUK MUSTAPHA USDB Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Solar hydrogen electrolytically MESSAOUD FAOUZI CDER Center of Renewable Energies Development
10 Design and implementation of a PV system connected to network SONELGAZ MIDOUN ABDELHAMID USBA USTO
10 Theoretical Study preparation and characterization of thin films based materials Cu 2Sn If S3 stoichiometric Ge for Applications in the field of PV Conversion MILOUA FODIL USBA Microanalysis and Microscopy Laboratory of Molecular Spectroscopy
10 Study and Implementation of a Photovoltaic Installation Connected to the Network. MILOUD YAHIA UTMS Lab. geometry analysis and control applications
10 Theoretical and experimental study of the geothermal cooling: application site Biskra. MOUMMI NOUREDDINE UMKB Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Biskra University Mohamed Khider
10 Integration of local resources for the development of PV pumping systems MOUSSI AMMAR UMKB Research laboratory groundwater and surface water - LARHYSS
10 A SCADA system for modeling and optimization of network of collection Hassi Messaoud oil Using the PV power NACERI FARID U. Batna LEB Research Laboratory
10 Conversion of carbon dioxide into fuel by photoélectrocatalytique a prototype battery NEZZAL GHANIA USTHB Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering USTHB BP 32 El Alia Bab ezzouar Algiers
10 Design and optimization of photovoltaic pumping systems REKIOUA NEE ZIANI DJAMILA UAMB Laboratory of Industrial Technology and Information
10 Study and design of power converters for multiple entries to the multisource renewable energy systems REKIOUA TOUFIK UAMB Laboratory of Industrial Technology and Information-Bejaia University
10 Hot water tank integrated solar RETIEL NOUREDDINE U. MOSTAGANEM Lab. Modeling Num. and Exp. of Phéno. Mech.
10 Modeling a bioreactor internal recirculation for the production of biogas from waste the new cannery Algerian Rouiba RIHANI RACHIDA CDER Laboratory phenomena Transfer - USTHB
10 Developing a Device Diagnostics and Optimization of Photovoltaic systems SAIGAA DJAMEL U. BECHAR Lab. Modeling Energy Systems LMSE
10 Purification of silicon by electromagnetic forces and monitoring the inductive plasma characterization SALHI ESSAID ENP Lab. Research: Analysis and Optimization Control of electro-energy systems
10 Production and Quality Improvement of EnergiesRenouvelables Commissioned by New Machines SAOU RACHID UAMB Laboratory of Electrical Engineering - Bejaia
10 Integration of energy efficiency in buildings using renewable energy SEMMAR DJAFFAR USDB Center for Renewable Energies Development
10 Optimization of the production of solar hydrogen in southern Algeria SETTOU NOUREDDINE UKMO Laboratory Enhancement and Promotion Saharan Resources
10 Procedures for Evaluation and Control of Energy Performance Farm Turbine 10 MW Kaberten: Aerodynamic Considerations SMAILI AREZKI ENP Mechanical Engineering Laboratory and PVR Development
10 Techno-economic study of a photovoltaic-diesel hybrid system for rural electrification TALHA ABDELAZIZ USTHB Instrumentation Laboratory - USTHB
10 Theoretical and experimental investigation of solar drying of medicinal and aromatic products TOUATI BOUMEDIENE U.Bechar Lab. Energetics in Drylands ENERGARID U. Bechar
10 Study completion and testing of a PV system pumping power installed Saharan environment TOUZI ABDELKADER URERMS Adrar URERMS Adrar
10 Sizing photovoltaic systems coupled with electromechanical drives pump + motor YOUSFI ALI UBMA Electromechanical Department Badji Mokhtar University Annaba
10 Distillation of brackish waters of the region ATTAF D’El Ain Defla solar path ZAARAOUI ABDELKADER CU. KHEMIS MILIANA Laboratory FIMA University Centre Khemis Miliana

PNR Hydrocarbons

Program N° Title of the project Project leader Institution of affiliation of the project leader Domiciliation project
11 Study and development of appropriate methods for improving the dependability of transportation facilities hydrocarbons ABDELBAKI NOUREDDINE UMBB Laboratory reliability of petroleum equipment and materials
11 Materials and catalytic reforming of hydrocarbons BARAMA AKILA NEE LABED USTHB Laboratory of Catalytic Materials & Catalysis in Organic Chemistry
11 Valuation of the Algerian bentonite in the formulation of drilling fluids: study of the rheological behavior and physico-chemical characterization. BENMOUNAH ABDELBAKI UMBB Research Unit: Materials and Processes Environment
11 Characterization of microorganisms involved in the biodegradation of HYDRACARBURES BENSALAH FARID USTO Laboratory Science Technology Industrial Risks and Environment University of Oran
11 Contribution to the study of the remaining life of the distribution networks of natural gas built in polyethylene: Estimating Maintainability and Reliability Index CHAOUI KAMEL UBMA Laboratory of Mechanics of Materials and Industrial Maintenance LR3MI
11 Optimization of system reliability and maintenance supervision by an acquisition approach data and remote monitoring SCADA systems in oil Sonatrach HAFAIFA AHMED UZAD Team Industrial Automation Systems and Diagnostics University Djelfa
11 Odo the issue of custody transfer of oil between Sonatrach and foreign partners under the new law and the Algerian tax system HADJADJ AHMED UABT Reliability Laboratory Equipment Oil & Materials
11 Contribution to the quantification of interfacial interactions by inverse gas chromatography: Application to oil problems KESSAISSIA ZOUBIR USTHB Lab. Physico-chemical Study Materials and Application Environment USTHB
11 Study and formulation based inhibitors of copolymers derived from poly 4-vinylpyridine s application to the protection of industrial installations MANSRI ALI UABT Lab Application of Organic Electrolytes and Polyelectrolytes
11 Study of the energy balance of harmful emissions performance boosted by alcohol fuels REZGUI YACINE ULBO Laboratory of Applied Chemistry and Materials Technology
11 Analysis of pipeline corrosion: Influence of physicochemical parameters on the overall kinetics MERIEM BENZIANE MADJID UHBC Laboratoire de Rhéologie et MécaniqueRheology and Mechanics Laboratory
11 Mutations in international gas markets inpacts their policy on Algerian gas recovery KHELIF AMOR CREAD CREAD

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