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DZPV2014 : First national day of the solar-Photovoltaic

The Center for Renewable Energies Development (CDER) organized in Algiers, wednesday, June 25, 2014, the first national day of the Solar-Photovoltaic DZPV 2014. IN THE OPENING WORD, THE General Manager of Scientific Research and Technological Development, Pr. Hafid Aourag asserted that Algeria is looking for the control of its own PV pannels manufacturing industry to walk with the emergent Algerian companies in that field. Research institutions are ready to bring their contribution to set a national development strategy of PV and help our country to get its own industry, he declared.
In addition, Pr. Hafid Aourag noted that Algeria has particular climate conditions and must develop its industry according to that conditions ; inported products may be faced to «  longlasting problems because of heat and silting ». according to pr. Hafid Aourag, there is positive economic studies, an important antional market, qualified researchers and SMEs which invested the PV market. In his side, the director of the EPST CDER, Pr. Noureddine Yassaa presenetd a technical report showing the progression of the Ren in different countries. Moreover, the director of the CDER announced the signature of a cooperation convention : SKTM of Sonelgaz Group, Dounia Park as well as several world-class institutions. Pr. Noureddine Yassaa also noted the different activities that CDER is launching in Pvs : Inverters development, storage precesses, Pv inverters realization and study, test and charaterization of large mobile plant, Smart Grid.

He announced that 2014 will be a decisive year for renewable energies in Algeria with the promulgation of laws fixing the guaranted purchase cost for electricity produced with plants using the solar-photovoltaic and wind energy. These encouragements, so needed, will give a new power for the renewable energies branch in our country. In this context, the Director of authorizations and concessions to the CREG Dalila Ramla presented the regulatory framework governing the production of electricity from renewable energy or cogeneration systems with emphasis on the Law No. 02-01 of February 5, 2002 on electricity and gas distribution by pipeline. In this purpose, the director Dalila Ramla also noticed that the main dispositions in the law No. 02-01 and its applications texts relative to the granting bonuses for producers using Renewable Energies, the producer right to connect to the grid, priority placement on the market, and the requirement for the dealer to purchase all the electricity produced under special regime. In the same topic, the director of the program of Renewable Energies Urban Systems of teh university of Applied Sciences of Vienn, Pr. Hubert Fechner exposed the rôle of photovoltaics in the energy precess transition.

Besides this day, a convention of partnership and scientific and technical collaboration was signed between the CDER and the CONDOR solar pannels manufactory. The director of renewable energies of CONDOR électronix Mr Ben Hamada Boualem declared that this convention consists on joining industrials with researchers in renewable energies especially the solar, for a better collaboration in training and reserach in renewable energies. Mr.Benhammada exposed the process of the fatory PV pannels of CONDOR to promote solar-photovoltaic energy in Algeria, Mr.Martin Spath, Senior consultant in solar energy, ECN Solar energy Holand make a presentation intitled silicon-based photovoltaics for Algeria.

In the same register, Dr. Harry Wirth, director of photovoltaic modules division, in Fraunhofer Institute, Germany intervened on the quality insurance of PV plants. In parallel of the presentations, many companies presented their products and services in renewable energies, especially CONDOR, Aurès solaire, Sonelgaz, Sonatrach, Bergan, Africaverre, et Cencorp. The objective of the DZPV2014 day is to gather the different actors progressing in photovoltaics in Algeria to launch a common strategy in that field, to bring the experience of researchers, the industrial sight and think how to carry out investments in that field.

Kaddour Hakima, Scientific and Technological Information Officer (CDER).

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