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Cooperation with the sector of the Environment and Territory Planning

CDER, focal point for monitoring the implementation of the Convention

The minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, M. Mohamed Mebarki, and the minister of Territory planning and Environment, Mme Dalila Boudjemaâ, signed, March 27, 2014 at the Ministry of Higher Education, a convention to enhance the cooperation between the two sectors. This convention is a space for consultation, planning, mutual actions putting scientific and technical knowledges to serve environmental protection and sustainable development. It aims to create a solid bridges of collaboration and exchanges on priority issues in the preserving natural resources and sustainable development. It will be also an opportunity to develop topics around green economy, particularly issues in relation with waste recycling, renewable energies and economic transition towards a greener economy. This convention could also be the best occasion to accommodate academical outputs to environmental and sustainable development sector needs. In that case, all structures under the MATE will be suitable to welcome partnerships and put the future graduates and establishments users of this knowledges closer. Strengthening managerial capacity in environmental conservation, sustainable use of natural resources, waste recovery and more generally sustainable development also requires the balance between these issues and academic research training.

The fundamental role that scientific research plays in the master of environmental issues of sustainable development are universally recognized. Indeed, the different advances made on major environmental issues was reached due to acquired knowledges by scientific research in : biodiversity and sensitive habitats protection, climate changes, emergent risks, the nature regression and ecosystem resilience. The Center of Renewable Energies Development (CDER) was assigned to be the focal point in leading this convention from the Higher Education and Scientific Research side. It also concluded a convention with the direction of « Les Grands Vents » to put on service the hybrid photo-voltaic-wind plant.

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