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List of scientific contributions of the EPST CDER

1.Abbad, B. & Lounis, A. Removal of methylene blue from colored effluents by adsorption onto ZnAPSO-34 nanoporous material. Desalination and Water Treatment 0, 1–10 (0). 2.Abbas, M., Boumeddane, B., Said, N. & Chikouche, A. Techno Economic Study of the Utilization of Solar Dish Stirling Technology for Electricity Generation at the Algerian Sahara. Energy Sources, Part A : Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects 35, 1400–1409 (2013). 3.Abbas, M., Belgroun, Z., Aburideh, H. & Kasbadji Merzouk, N. Assessment of a Solar Parabolic Trough Power Plant for Electricity Generation under Mediterranean and Arid Climate Conditions in Algeria. Energy Procedia 42, 93–102 (2013). 4.Abdelkrim, T., Benamrane, K., Benkhelifa, A., Bezza, B. & Benslimane, T. DC-link capacitor voltage balancing using redundant vectors for five-level neutral point clamped voltage source inverter. in 1–2 (2013). 5.Abdelkrim, T., Benamrane, K., Benslimane, T. & Benkhelifa, A. 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Revue des Energies Renouvelables 16, 11–22 (2013). 15.Bahria, S. & Amirat, M. Influence de l’adjonction des chicanes longitudinales sur les performances d’un capteur solaire plan à air. Revue des Energies Renouvelables 16, 51–63 (2013). 16.Bandou, F., Arab, A. H. & Belkaid, M. S. Test performance electrical of the photovoltaic module in two different environments. Energy Procedia 36, 1018–1024 (2013). 17.Behar, O., Khellaf, A. & Mohammedi, K. A review of studies on central receiver solar thermal power plants. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 23, 12–39 (2013). 18.Bekkouche, S. M. A. et al. Influence of the compactness index to increase the internal temperature of a building in Saharan climate. Energy and Buildings 66, 678–687 (2013). 19.Bekkouche, S. M. A. et al. Thermal resistances of air in cavity walls and their effect upon the thermal insulation performance. Journal homepage : www. IJEE. IEEFoundation. org 4, 459–466 (2013). 20.Bekkouche, S. M. A. et al. 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