International Renewable Energy Days


28-30 May 2024, Algiers


The Centre de Développement des Energies Renouvelables (CDER) is organizing the International Renewable Energy Days (IREnDays’2024), with a particular focus on wind energy through the 2nd International Conference on Wind Energy and Its Applications (2nd ICWEA'24). This event will take place on May 28-30, 2024, and will be held in Algiers, Algeria.

IREnDays’2024 will bring together experts from academia, industry, and government to share their knowledge and ideas in the field of renewable energy. This event aims to provide an international forum for researchers, engineers, and professionals to showcase their latest developments and scientific advances in their research.

IREnDays’2024 will include high-level plenary talks, keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations, technical panels with interactive sessions and social events. This will provide attendees with networking opportunities, allowing them to share their experiences and new innovations on all aspects of Renewable Energy.

This event comes at a critical time in the global effort to address climate change and accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources. IREnDays’2024 are expected to make a contribution to the global effort to achieve a more sustainable and equitable future.

Researchers, students, industry professionals, and policymakers are invited to participate in this event that will help to promote the development of clean, sustainable energy sources.

Deadline to submit abstracts

       30 September 2023                   

Outcome of submitted abstracts

       November 2023.

Deadline to submit articles

       January 2024

Outcome of submitted articles

       March 2024

Panels Disussion

Renewable Energy Innovation: strategy and standards
A panel discussion on "Renewable Energy Innovation: Strategy and Standards" could provide a forum for stakeholders in the industry, researchers, and policymakers to discuss ways to stimulate innovation in renewable energy technologies, establish quality and safety standards, and encourage collaboration among various industry actors. The discussion could focus on strategies to accelerate the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies, such as solar, wind, and geothermal power, and explore the potential for emerging technologies like energy storage and carbon capture. The panel could also address the importance of regulatory frameworks that support innovation and ensure that new technologies meet safety and quality standards. By bringing together experts from different fields, the discussion could help identify opportunities for collaboration and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas.
Artificial intelligence for Renewable Energy systems
A panel discussion on "Artificial Intelligence for Renewable Energy Systems" could address the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) applied to renewable energy systems. Panelists could discuss the benefits of using AI to improve the efficiency and reliability of renewable energy systems, as well as the challenges associated with adopting this technology. They could also explore opportunities for collaboration between AI experts and renewable energy experts to develop new innovative solutions. The panel could examine how AI can be applied to renewable energy systems, such as optimizing energy generation and consumption, predicting maintenance needs, and improving energy storage. Additionally, they could discuss how to address concerns around the ethical and societal implications of using AI in the energy sector. By bringing together experts from different fields, the panel could facilitate a cross-disciplinary dialogue on how to leverage AI for a sustainable energy future.


Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their products and services to a diverse audience of industry stakeholders, researchers, and policymakers. The exhibition can also provide a platform for networking and building new business relationships. Interested parties can contact the conference secretariat for more information on how to register as an exhibitor.


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