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The CDER at the meeting on astronomy and renewable energies organized by the association El-Bouzdjani of MEDEA

The Renewable Energies Development Center (CDER) participated in the meeting on astronomy and renewable energies organized by the association El-Bouzdjani of MEDEA from 24 to 25 December 2016 at the Center of Leisure and Science of MEDEA.

After the inauguration of the meeting by Mr Yahia KADI , the representative of the Director of Culture of the Wilaya of Medea and the President of the Association Mr. Djamel FEHIS, a first conference entitled "Renewable Energies and Climate Change", presented by Mr Hamza MERABET, Head of the External Relations Department of the CDER and Researcher in the environment and climate change team of the Bioenergy and Environment Division and in his capacity as the representative of the Director of the CDER.

This conference was initiated by a presentation of the EPST CDER with its Units (UDES, URAER and URERMS) as well as its commercial subsidiary "ER2", then presented the national program of renewable energies, and finally detailed the phenomenon of climate change from the adaptation to the mitigation. Some results obtained by the Environment and Climate Change research team were presented concerning the atmospheric pollution by the black carbon and the sources of its emission.

A second conference was given by Dr. Fatiha SAHNOUN, Researcher at the CDER in the Thermal and Thermodynamics Solar and Geothermal Division, entitled "Strategy of Renewable Energies in Algeria". Dr SAHNOUN gave an explanation of the current and future situation of renewable energy production projects in Algeria.

The third conference entitled "The importance of solar photovoltaic stations isolated and connected to the grid in the production of renewable electricity" was presented by Dr. Samir Hamid OUDJANA, Researcher in the Applied Renewable Energies Research Unit in Ghardaia, Affiliated to the CDER. Doctor OUDJANA presented the technology of production renewable electricity from solar photovoltaic.

This meeting has had the participation of the Algerian Space Agency by the researchers of its Unit of Oran, who presented the Algerian experience in the launch of three satellites in India.

Several Algerian universities, namely Sétif, Bejaia, Blida and Médéa, were present with inventions and presentations.

The children members of El Bouzdjani Association also presented small inventions in the field of astronomy and renewable energies, for example a small car with a small solar panel and a mini thermal concentrator.

At the end of this event, the Unit for the Development of Solar Equipments (UDES), affiliated to the CDER, was visited by all the participants who discovered the different prototypes developed by the researchers of the UDES in the field of Renewable energies.

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